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What to do if you have a lost or found pet


Browse a database of lost animals reported to Pet Helpers


Browse a database of found animals reported to Pet Helpers






Charleston Animal Society:



(843) 747 - 4849

2455 Remount Road

North Charleston, SC 29406



Francis R. Willis SPCA:


(843) 871 - 3820

136 Four Paws Lane

Summerville, SC 29484



Doc Williams SPCA:



(843) 761 - 5266

109 Saint James Avenue

Goose Creek, SC 29445




- Make flyers: Include a photo and description of your pet, the date it and area it was lost in, and offer a reward if possible.


- Distribute the flyers throughout a large area.  A confused and lost pet can roam great distances.


- Talk to neighbors and residents in the area.


- To help spread the word, take advantage of social media: Facebook, Twitter, etc. 


- Post on craigslist.com under Community: Pets and Community: Lost/Found (remember to include photos!)


- Set up an account on www.lowcountrydog.com and post in the Lost Dog Forum


Contact online animal welfare groups:


 - Visit www.petfinder.com or www.petango.com to do a search based on your zip code.


Contact local veterinarians to file a lost/found report:


Folly Road Animal Hospital: (843) 762 - 4944

James Island Veterinary Hospital: (843) 795 - 8592

Maybank Animal Hospital: (843) 795 - 3131

Ohlandt Veterinary Clinic: (843) 795 - 7574

Sea Island Veterinary: (843) 795 - 6477





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